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[EXTENDED] Yuga Labs: The Otherside Promotion

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Promotion Currently Live!



Listers earn rewards every hour their NFT is listed.
The rewards are claimable every 24 hours.

To be eligible for rewards, a Listing must be priced at or below the Current Reward Floor Price shown below when it’s listed.

NFT CollectionList Longer & you'll earnCurrent Reward Floor Price
X tokens earned per NFT listed per period of timeFloor - ETHFloor - APE
Koda2,976 (X/hr)71,429 (X/24hrs)500,000 (X/wk)0 ETH0 APE
BAYC1,339 (X/hr)32,143 (X/24hrs)225,000 (X/wk)0 ETH0 APE
MAYC673 (X/hr)16,143 (X/24hrs)113,000 (X/wk)0 ETH0 APE
Otherside673 (X/hr)16,143 (X/24hrs)113,000 (X/wk)0 ETH0 APE
BAKC226 (X/hr)5,429 (X/24hrs)38,000 (X/wk)0 ETH0 APE
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